“Mrs. Levine, Thank you for sharing your knowledge of Hypnonis at Wake County Public Libraries. We appreciate your support as we expand our programming for adults. We couldn’t have presented a successful program without a dedicated citizen like you. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

Mary A. – Librarian, Eve Perry Regional Library

“I always had trouble unwinding and setting down at night, and really felt like it was affecting my sleep. I was always walking around tired even when I had been in bed for 8 or more hours. Plus, I have to admit I was skeptical about meeting with a hypnotist. Stephanie sat with me and first explained what exactly hypnotherapy is, then listened a lot to me… She listened to me speak about my daily routines and helped me to list out my stressors along with what types of activities I do on a daily or regular basis. After listing everything out, I realized just how cluttered my mind had become! It was no wonder I was feeling exhausted all the time. Plus, What’s worse is that I hadn’t even realized the amount of coffee I had been consuming to compensate for my exhaustion.

Stephanie taught me self-hypnosis, relaxation techniques and deep breathing exercises that I could easily do while trying to unwind each day. I guess I would refer to it more as a self meditation of sorts. I’ve been practicing for the past few weeks since our last visit and I have to say, it takes much less time for me to fall asleep and I feel more rested in the morning after I wake up. I still like coffee, but have eliminated caffeinated drinks after 3pm which has helped enormously. I would highly recommend you meet Stephanie if you have trouble relaxing and settling down like I did.”

Michael J. – Morrisville, NC

“Simply put, the thought of stopping smoking created anxiety for me — but when I actually stopped, there was no anxiety reaction.

In our initial meeting, we discussed the triggers why/when I wanted to smoke. Some I was very aware of, some not so aware, and others no knowledge of the desire. The tools that I was given during the process have helped tremendously when facing my smoking triggers in day to day situations, and especially those calm moments with the ritual habits. The suggestions on changing some of the habits before stopping had me realize I needed the control to say yes, or no. Through using hypnosis the control and decision were always mine to make.

The coaching and assisting did not stop with the session. Stephanie followed up with me, and continued to provided support. What really worked for me, was knowing she was in my corner, no judgment , and unconditional support. I’m over sixty and hearing someone was “proud” of me was great to hear.”

Rhonda B. – Raleigh, NC