Break the cigarette habit!

How would you like to:

Find an additional $1800.00 to spend this year?
Socialize without the stigma of smoking?
Be healthier for you and your family?
Learn to redirect stresses and boredom into positive energy?

If you answered yes to any of these — keep reading!

If you could stop smoking and get cigarettes out of your life easily, comfortably, and permanently, would you do it? Most smokers say they want to be non-smokers, but it is important is to understand that smoking is an addiction. Popular media has informed us about the obvious addictive potential of nicotine, but not much is discussed about the psychological part of this addiction. Psychological cravings are just as real as chemical ones, and they can become a part of a coping mechanism to try to deal with emotional pressures like stress and boredom.

Hypnosis is a safe, simple and effective tool to help you quit this habit. Because it uses the power of positive suggestion, hypnosis actually has the ability to help you develop and strengthen your willpower and determination to become a non-smoker.

Testimonial from a former smoker…

“Simply put, the thought of stopping smoking created anxiety for me — but when I actually stopped, there was no anxiety reaction.

In our initial meeting, we discussed the triggers why/when I wanted to smoke. Some I was very aware of, some not so aware, and others no knowledge of the desire. The tools that I was given during the process have helped tremendously when facing…” → READ MORE